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Upcoming Seminar Presentations

I have been asked repeatedly to publish my upcoming seminars. That’s because many attorneys will travel to a nearby county to hear a presentation that was never offered or they have missed in their own county. Honestly, with my hectic travel schedule I often forget. I will try to be more diligent. Following are upcoming seminar opportunities for CLE credit. Please contact the sponsoring county bar association for details on timing, cost, and registration. Hope to see you in person!

July 31 – August 2
PA Bar Association
Solo & Small Firm Section Annual Conference
How Emotional Intelligence Links to Ethical Compliance and Success
Opening the Door: Starting a New Practice
Best Practices to Keep Going: Keeping Your Law Firm Healthy

August 21
Lehigh County Bar Association
Getting PaidBasic & Advanced Concepts

September 17
Cambria County Bar Association
Essential Building Blocks for a Successful Solo or Small Firm

September 17
Somerset County Bar Association
Essential Management Concepts

September 27
Schuylkill County Bar Association
Bench Bar Conference
Making the Most of Your Time & Remote Access

October 11
Centre County Bar Association
Bench Bar Conference
Making the Most of Your Time & Remote Access

October 16
Monroe County Bar Association
Winding Down Your Practice

More sessions are scheduled for October and beyond, but topics have not yet been selected. If you’re connected to one of those listed below, keep your eyes open for announcements:
Women Owned Law
York County Bar Association
Delaware County Bar Association
Lackawanna County Bar Association

Battle of the Generations — Differing Perspectives on Competing in a Matured Marketplacer

From a marketing perspective, you need to acknowledge right now that the marketplace itself is transitioning. Millennials are increasingly running your client base. In an article (more) ….

Is This Going To Be a Better Year?

How were last year’s results at your firm?  Were they what you expected?  Are you noticing a trend – positive or negative – over previous years?  The longer you wait to react… Read more


When did you last perform a self-examination of your firm’s management style?  Hopefully, you’re not at the under-managed or over-managed ends of the spectrum.  Are there areas of management you could improve upon?  Create a plan to do so.  Not sure where to start?  Read more




What you think you’re communicating may not be the message that’s being heard.  The partners at firm I was helping said they consistently stressed to their associates important criteria such as taking on management responsibilities, developing a book of business, providing superior client management service and so forth. However, the only messages senior associates “heard” at review time was how they were doing relative to their goal of billable hours, coupled with read more

The Art of Making Imperfect Decisions

Indecision and procrastination have quite a bit in common because both presuppose that there is perfection looming ahead in terms of either a process or an answer. One tends to want to wait to find it before proceeding.  This can be an especially deep trap for attorneys READ MORE

Attorneys: Get 2 MCLE Ethics Credits

Protecting Client Property

Attorneys:  Get 2 MCLE ethics credits and find out everything you should know and want to know about proper handling of client property. The Montgomery Bar Solo/Small Firm Practice Committee is presenting “HANDLE WITH C.A.R.E. — Cash Activity Rules & Ethics” on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Registration and breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m.  The seminar concludes at 11:00 a.m.

Moderator Kenneth P. Milner, Esquire (Co-Chair of the Montgomery Bar Solo/Small Firm Practice Committee) will ask the two panel members questions about requirements, best practices, fixing errors, dealing with fraud, emergency planning, and dealing with day-to-day realities. Real-life horror stories and practical advice you can put to immediate use will be provided by panel members

  • Ellen Freedman, CLM: Law Practice Management Coordinator at the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and Founder and President of Freedman Consulting, Inc.


  • Samuel D. Miller, Esquire: Over 29 years’ experience as Disciplinary Counsel of the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of PA, and over 10 years’ subsequent experience as a solo attorney handling matters involving attorney ethics, law office management and professional responsibility generally, and serving as an expert witness in attorney professional liability cases.

This course is suitable for paralegals, bookkeepers, and office managers, too.

Achieving the Balance Between Business and Profession

In general, I have found that many firms are under-managed and/or poorly managed. Not all large firms are exceptions to that statement. Not all financially successful firms are exceptions to that statement. Lawyers are universally smart people, but that doesn’t mean READ MORE


The cloud can be a scary prospect, as it is largely misunderstood.  Before you consider moving to the cloud, it is essential to understand the ethical issues applicable to your state and the the lawyer’s obligations.  Read more

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