Sour Grapes from Microsoft?

I just love the recent article in C-Net News about Windows Phone chief Andy Lees throwing stones at the iPhone and Android.  However, consumers thus far have seen things differently.  Microsoft’s sales have been lukewarm thus far — way below expectations.  Whereas the iPhone is flying off the shelf, and the Android is consistently growing market share. 

Sour grapes?  Sure sounds like it.  But we’ll hear from an expert I (and apparently Microsoft,too)  trust in the near future as to  how these phones really compare.  My partner, Jennifer Ellis, is being provided with a new Microsoft phone gratis for evaluation purposes.  Jennifer is currently using an Android.  She used an iPhone extensively before that.  And she is eminently fair and objective.  I can’t wait to read about it on her blog after she’s run it through its paces.

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