Powerful Marketing Using Your PDA

Legal Insight Media is an interactive marketing services company catering to the legal marketplace. They help firms to create video presentations designed to develop the positioning and messages that set them apart from other firms. They strive to capture the truly authentic factors that differentiate a firm. Differentiation is essential in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace and be “heard” above all the “noise” of competitors. Differentiation is an essential component of branding as well.

They’ve worked with firms on videos which are designed to assist in recruiting law students and summer associates; highlight diversity initiatives; present a firm’s women’s initiatives; and even assist in staff recruitment.

Peter Marx, president of Legal Insight Media, recently announced that their videos can now be installed on Palm Treo PDAs. “We’re enabling lawyers to bring their firms with them, wherever they go,” he was quoted as saying in a recent blurb in the March/April 2006 edition of Legal Management Magazine.

Imagine the opportunities it creates to have a powerful marketing tool like this in your pocket ready to show to prospects or potential laterals on a moment’s notice.


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