Six New Articles Posted

Six new articles have been posted to the Articles Section on the web site of Freedman Consulting , which will help you address a variety of law firm practice management issues.

Client Intake Best Practices addresses the fact that most firms could benefit from improvement in their client intake procedures. The better these procedures are, the more likely a firm will have quality clients, get paid for its services, avoid conflicts, collect valuable strategic information for marketing purposes, avoid wasting otherwise billable time, and avoid potential malpractice actions.

How Much Does Your Hour Cost to Produce? questions whether if you’re charging a competitive market rate for your work, and billing and collecting, isn’t that all that really matters? Well, the truth is that if you’re always working on a billable hour basis, practice primarily one area of law, have no partners or associates, and always have as much cash and profit as you’d like, then the question may be moot. For the rest of you out there, I present some real-life situations where knowing the answer to this question will help you immensely. I then explain how to do the math.

I Had a Dream explores the impact some personality types can have at a firm, sometimes including the demise of the firm. It also asks the question as to whether life isn’t too short to put up with certain things on a regular basis.

Improve My Bottom Line reviews and defines the factors in law firm profitability.

Investing In Technology — Where the Rubber Meets the Road
discusses the “must haves” and “must dos” that should be on every law firm list to make effective use of today’s technology.

Preparing for and Recovering from Disaster is a topic which should be on every law firm’s radar screen. If we learned only one thing from such events as 9/11 or the devastation wrought by back to back hurricanes which decimated the Gulf Coast region and its law firms, it is that all our former assumptions about what would “work” must be challenged.


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