We Won a New VoIP Telephone System!!!

I I have friends who are lucky. They win prizes at Expos, buy lucky lottery tickets, purchase the winning raffle ticket. Me?  Nadda. Zip.  Zero. Bupkas.  I never win a thing.   Well, let me rephrase that to past tense: never won a thing . . . until now! I submitted an entry on a whim, and actually won a shiny new telephone system.  Unbelievable but true.  You can read about it here

Ironically, I was informed about the contest on a day which so happened had me at odds with my current telephony provider.  They haven’t been awful by any means.  But there have been issues.  Well, not just issues, but rather defining issues which have separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.  For example, when a storm knocked out the server which powered our telephones, there was no automatic cutover to another co-location, even though they had one.  We had no telephones for several days, and I didn’t know it because I was on the road giving seminars. 

I was pretty upset, as you can imagine.  The thought of even one missed prospective client call was unacceptable.  My vendor was pretty cavalier in response.  Seems it was our problem for not having given them specific instructions to automatically switch us over.  Um, excuse me?  Isn’t that one of the questions that should have been asked during set-up of service?  Shouldn’t you apologize for the oversight, rather than blame the customer?

I’m not sure which of several issues occurred the day I heard about the contest, but that is of no consequence.  What mattered is that I cogently stated why my telephone system is mission critical, and why I did not feel I was getting everything I wanted and needed.  Next thing I knew, months after my submission was long forgotten, I was informed that I had won.

Winning isn’t everything.  I was not about to jump from a frying pan into a fire.  I wanted to know everything about what I had won before deciding to accept it.  I was probably the most wary winner they could have picked!  I asked about everything you can imagine, and more, to ensure that we would move to a system and vendor which offered richer features and greater reliability. 

Our cutover is imminent, and I will be reporting regularly on how it goes.  Stay tuned!

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