Should You Upgrade to Windows 8 OS Software?

I never advise clients to be one of the first to deploy a new version of software, unless they’ve been waiting for a bug fix. This is no exception.  From the pushback in the technoworld, it seems that Windows 8 is getting very mixed reviews.  Now I’m not saying it’s a disaster like Vista was.  Nothing Microsoft produces will likely be as bad ever again as Vista was.  But it seems that preliminary reviews indicate there is minimal gain, and the user interface is so dramatically different, extensive training will be required upon deployment.

I believe I read somewhere that Windows 7 will be available only for a limited time before Windows 8 will be forced upon new computer purchasers.  So if you’ve been holding off, you may want to push up your purchase decision while Windows 7 is still an option.  I have to say, Windows 7 has been delightfully reliable since its introduction. 

TechRepublic just released “The Executive’s Guide to Windows 8” which you can get for free by registering with their site.  Then you can make your own informed decision.  (Or you can keep monitoring my blog.  I’ll let you know when the time has arrived.)  But here’s a hint:  TechRepublic did a survey, and found that 74% of businesses have no plans to deploy Windows 8.

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