Marketing Information Overload

How do you sort through all of the marketing information coming at you? How do you make sense of it? How do you pick and choose what you should be doing, and map out a game plan? What is realistic to expect of yourself? What activities should you do first? What skills should you master first?

In an article entitled Marketing Information Overload , which was recently posted to the web site of Freedman Consulting, the author breaks down the various types of activities into understandable groups, and provides solid examples of how to go about creating a balance in your marketing plan.

The author states, “Don’t fail to get moving on your marketing activities because it’s so overwhelming. Pick one activity from each category, and make a plan to get it done. You can do it. And even if you don’t do it well at first, you will get better over time.

Please note that although in the article the author encourages readers to contact her for further assistance, that suggestion only applies to members of the PA Bar Association, or private clients of Freedman Consulting. For additional help, the rest of you should seek advice from your own state bar’s Practice Management Advisor, or from a marketing consultant.


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