Backing Up Large Databases & Time Matters Tips

Thanks to my colleague Dan Pinnington in Ontario Canada, I was recently introduced to a blog just for Time Matters. It’s loaded with helpful tips by noted legal technologist and Time Matters expert Wells Anderson.

A recent post dealt with the issue of backing up the Time Matters database separately from the firm’s regular back-up. Not in lieu of, but in addition to the firm’s regular back-up. The information provided in the post provides step by step instructions, with screen shots. If you’re a Time Matters user you should definitely visit this blog regularly, or subscribe.

I realized that I have been routinely — for years — backing up my QuickBooks databases separately from my routine daily backup for exactly the same reason.

If you’re using any software program which creates large databases, whether it is case management, time & billing, document management, litigation support, Access or whatever, take the extra care and time to program in a separate back-up on a regular basis.

Remember, the only reason you back up is to ensure complete and speedy recovery in the event of some technological disaster. That means that you do whatever it takes up front regularly, without trying to skip steps or save a few minutes, so that you can recover later as seamlessly as possible.

Like insurance, you hope you never need to use the results of your very conservative and comprehensive data preservation methods, but if you ever do, even just once, you will be glad you paid the premium, or took the extra precaution, all the preceding years.


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