Thinking About Using Voice Recognition Software?

The latest version of Dragon is out. David Pogue of the New York Times provides a review that makes a compelling argument to invest in this software. Read about it yourself.

I have been a fan of voice recognition software for quite some time, and it just gets better and better. There are some “secrets” to making it work well, however. Want to know what they are? Simple, read my previous blog post on the topic.

Now I don’t use voice recognition software, I admit it. I happened to learn typing back in high school — yes, before there were electronic typewriters — and never lost my keyboard skills. So I don’t really have the need. But for those who have typing related disabilities, (e.g. carpal tunnel, hand tremors), or who simply can’t type worth a darn, this is a wonderful way to save labor hours which can be spent more productively.

It just doesn’t make sense anymore for one to dictate and the secretary to transcribe, when the dictation can produce a first draft, ready for proofing and editing, which is over 99% accurate. In the amount of time the secretary would spend transcribing, he/she can get a heck of a lot of other important work done for you. And by the way, his/her first draft wouldn’t be any more accurate!

Firms need to find ways to eliminate unnecessary labor without sacrificing productivity. This is a big one folks.


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