Free Vista Upgrade Coupons

People who buy certain Windows personal computers this holiday season will be offered free or heavily discounted coupons to upgrade to Microsoft Corp.’s new operating system, Windows Vista, under a program designed to spur sales despite Vista’s delay, Microsoft says.

The coupon program begins Thursday and runs through mid-March, Microsoft said Tuesday. Particulars of the deal will vary depending on the computer maker and retailer.

For further information, see this article on CNN News. You should also read some of the “gotchas” about the upgrade on Woody’s Office Watch , which you can find here.

Although I do not recommend being one of the first to install Vista (see my previous posts on Vista and upgrades in general) if you are about to purchase a computer, be sure to get your upgrade coupon, including any that will be offered for the Office suite. You WILL eventually want or need to upgrade, and the coupon will save you significant bucks downstream.


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