Get Control of Your Library

Many law firms lose track of part of their substantial investment in publications. Not all feel “flush” enough to hire a library service. Many times the only attention provided is the occasional staff member or law clerk who updates pocket parts. But that doesn’t help you determine how much of your valuable papers insurance coverage should be budgeted for your library holdings. It doesn’t help when publications seemingly walk out the door, which sometimes happens. And at some firms, it doesn’t help the firm avoid purchasing a volume more than once in error.

In her latest post on her blog, Mary Ellen Bates — Bates Information Services — tells of an internet-based service called LibraryThing, which enables users to build their own web-based catalog. At a cost of 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life), this is a service any law firm can afford. Check it out.


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