A Guide for the Surviving Spouse

Lancaster, PA attorney Patti S. Spencer is a nationally recognized Trusts, Estates and Taxation Lawyer, Writer and Expert Witness. Her areas of concentration include trusts: estate administration, settlement, and planning; inheritance tax: fiduciary liability,  and tax planning.  A recent issue of her e-Newsletter “Taxing Matters” has a very practical Guide providing advice for a surviving spouse.  For example, item #5 of a total of 17 tips is:

Don’t start giving things away.  Until you know what your legal rights and responsibilities are and what your spouse’s will and other estate planning documents require, don’t give away or destroy any personal possessions or any other belongings of your deceased spouse.

Read the rest on your own here.  You may want to print it to PDF and save it for future reference.

If you’re currently grieving, you may also want to read my article “Stranger at the Door.”  You’ll be glad you did.  Have a hanky ready!

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