Buy Laser Toner Cartridges From Monks, For Goodness Sake!

Nope, no joke, just a clever tag line. is a place to turn for office products, ink and toner supplies and school supplies and accessories at a savings of 30 – 60% over normal retail sources, according to their web site. But that’s not all. Unlike the national retail chains, each time you order from LaserMonks you are helping a charitable cause – proceeds from the sale of products assist the monks’ good works projects in their communities and sustain their life of prayer.

The business was founded and is operated by a monastery which is part of the 900-year-old Cistercian Order; this particular Abbey was founded over 75 years ago in the United States. The story about the founding of the company is enlightening and enjoyable.

LaserMonks offers a full catalog of over 30,000 brand name and cost saving alternative products. It was started, after all, by a search for a little bit of black dust for one of the monastery printers. What was discovered during the search was a revelation: the mark-up on ink supplies is “sinfully high, reaching in some instances into the 1,000-2,000 % levels. ”

Ok, there are some great local suppliers who offer good discounts on your most frequently purchased products. But if you’re still shopping retail at Staples, Office Max, or similar outlet, you should at least check out the prices from LaserMonks. If you can save money, and contribute to charitable work as well, you may just get a good feeling in addition to your office supply purchase.


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