Managing Partner Burnout

Ask any managing partner, and he or she will tell you it isn’t as glamorous a position as others may think. And it certainly isn’t as easy as it appears. It takes a lot of energy, both physical and emotional, to serve as managing partner. It also takes a lot of skill in areas not taught in law school. For those who try to keep their practices healthy and growing while serving as managing partner, the time demands can easily overwhelm and crowd out time for family and relaxation. For many managing partners, their personal book of business suffers significantly during their tenure, requiring them to rebuild when they return to full time practice.

It’s definitely not a job for those who cannot handle an enormous amount of criticism and frustration. Some describe the managing partner’s job, like that of a law firm administrator, as one of herding cats. Humorous, but not when you’re the one doing the herding, I can assure you.

Read more in an article entitled, appropriately, Managing Partner Burnout, which was recently published on the web site of Freedman Consulting.


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