Another Reason I Dislike Instant Messaging (IM)

Actually, this isn’t another reason. It’s a primary reason. IM is a risk exposure. No doubt about it. A news release on C-Net News today, provided an alert that the internet security firm Websense has discovered a worm that uses Skype to propagate.

Early reports indicate that the worm sends messages via Skype Chat, an instant-messaging tool. The messages ask recipients to download and run a file called sp.exe. Once the file is executed, it installs spyware that can steal passwords and other personal information. It also connects to a remote server to download additional code.

Ok, you may well think that anyone dumb enough to download and run an unknown “exe” file in today’s high-risk environment deserves what they get. But don’t be so condescending. Messages can look like they come from a trusted source. Even the best of us occasionally bite into the worm on the hook. So let’s be careful out there, and remind our employees, peers, friends, and relatives to be smart.


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