Getting Google and Other Search Engines to Notice Your Web Site

When it comes to search engine rankings, there are no guarantees. Any web site designer who promises otherwise is lying and likely telling you what you want to hear in order to secure your business. The only way to be guaranteed to come up at the top of the rankings is to pay for it. And that’s pretty costly.

Not long ago I had this discussion with one frustrated law firm manager, whose firm wanted a guarantee of showing up in the “top ten” for searches in certain practice areas, and refused to choose a web designer who would not guarantee the result.

This was a classic example of how a little knowledge can be dangerous. One or more of the partners had some understanding of meta tags and their influence on rankings. But the understanding was not deep enough. While it’s true that a lack of meta tags will result in abysmal rankings, it isn’t necessarily true that the existence of meta tags will result in top rankings.

This article in Search Engine Watch explains what meta tags are, and how they work.

The firm’s partner(s) believed that any designer who built in the proper meta tags should be able to guarantee the results. It just doesn’t work like that. The last time I checked, the firm had still not picked a designer because no designer they contacted would offer such guarantees.

But there are some strategies which can be employed which are guaranteed to help you avoid being ignored by the search engines. That was the topic of a recent article in USA Today which is worth reading.

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