Want to Learn More About Vista?

A recent article entitled “The Insider’s Guide to Windows Vista” in PCMag.com is worth reading from start to finish. It includes lots of links to additional information and resources, and even benchmark tests to illustrate how various computers run under Vista.

Ready to buy? Don’t do it yet. People keep emailing me privately asking if they wait until February or March, isn’t that enough time? No, not necessarily. I would not consider recommending that my clients install Vista until the first major service release comes out. And even then, it will depend on feedback from experts in the marketplace. Sometimes a service release creates new issues, and requires an additional service release not long thereafter.

A big conundrum for many is how to buy a “name brand” computer without Vista, now that it has been released? If you’re buying “direct” from the manufacturer, they are required by their Microsoft agreements to provide/sell Vista, now that it’s released. So even if you ask nicely, you can’t get XP from them.

I recently has the pleasure of presenting a seminar in Butler County. Computer guru Mark Williamson of Winhill Computers was displaying some neat technology — dual monitors, wireless mouse with fingerprint reader, Vista and more — in the back of the room. I posed this concern to him. Although self-serving, Mark advised me that the only way attorneys can purchase new computers now without buying Vista is by purchasing through a reputable dealer. Keep that in mind.


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