How to Give Employees What They Want

Knowing what employees want is important. Just as important is knowing what they don’t want. A brief article by Terry Bacon in the January/February issue of Legal Management entitled “What People Want” provides a short teaser on this topic. Terry Bacon is a founding partner and CEO of Lore International Institute, and the author of “What People Want: A Manager’s Guide to Building Relationships That Work.” (Davies-Black, 2006, $27.95).

Based on a survey conducted by Lore International of 500 employees in many types of organizations and industries, Bacon summarizes the findings as follows:

What Employees Want:

Honesty (91.5%)
Fairness (89.2%)
Ability to trust (86.7%)
Respect (84.7%)
Collaboration (77.4%)
Appreciation (74.4%)

What Employees Don’t Want:

Friendship with Managers (2.9%)
Conversation with Managers (14.2%)
Emotional Support from Managers (25.4%)
Humorous Managers (29%)

According to Bacon, some managers “get it,” but most don’t. Those who don’t should probably get the book, which I’m sure is the self-serving impetus for writing the short article. On the other hand, at a cost of only $27.95, the book would be a worthwhile investment even if only one or two nuggets of gold were unearthed within the front and back cover.


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