Why Not Vista Right Now?

There is so much public buzz about Vista, that the listservs are already buzzing with a question we will keep hearing, “Why SHOULDN’T I buy Vista now?” Such was the case today on ABA’s LawTech listserv. The exact question was “Vista sounds really good — why wouldn’t I want it? Most reviews have said that it is a very secure operating system. Wouldn’t I want to be as secure as possible? I know a few people who have been running beta versions for awhile and they haven’t had any trouble.

I have previously posted about having patience with the new release. Read “Want to Learn More About Vista?,” “A Dubious Christmas Gift for Microsoft,” “Free Vista Upgrade Coupons,” and “Preparing for Windows Vista.”

The answers I read on LawTech today, by leading national technologists, match my own. I know they don’t make everyone happy. For example, in response to one of my earliest “let’s be patient and wait for service pack 1 or maybe even 2” posts on the blog, a response was posted by an angry beta tester of Vista on the Microsoft forum, accusing me of speaking unfairly when I hadn’t personally used Vista yet. Hey, I don’t have to jump out of a third story window to know it will hurt when I hit the ground !!!

Why should you wait? Well, aside from the fact that an awful lot of hardware and software isn’t yet certified to run under Vista — minor detail– don’t take my word for it. Here’s why . . . according to two others with much more experience than I:

Because Vista is a complete unknown so far as to:

* Reliability in the real world

* Security (although it appears to be every bit as issue-prone in this regard as XP and arguably worse)

* Compatibility with current applications is a complete unknown

I would say, generally speaking, that Vista is a very dangerous and risky option in the short term for a mission-critical business machine. And there is ZERO rush to implement it – any new machine can be had with XP Pro with a free or discounted upgrade, preferably to Vista Business (on business oriented PC lines).

Why torture yourself by pioneering? It makes little business sense – strike that, it makes NO business sense at all. At home, for hobbyist motivations, is an entirely different matter.

Here’s another response:

If you are even contemplating upgrading to Windows Vista within the next twelve months, here are two articles that should give you pause. There are many others available reporting on the bugs and flaws that have already been found in the released “gold” version. There is not a day that goes by that I do not receive a review or warning exposing some other flaw.

I strongly recommend against upgrading or buying a machine with Vista on it until Service Pack 1 is released at the earliest. Microsoft says that will be before the end of the year, but we know how their timetables go. Incidentally, there are so many fixes needed that Microsoft has started setting up items for Service Pack 2, but that will take an additional year for release.

How Safe is Your Vista Computer?

Vista’s Legal Fine Print Raises Red Flags

It’s amazing to me that in this most conservative of occupations, lawyers are champing at the bit to put their computing world at risk needlessly. Conventional wisdom based on many, many years of experience with new software releases — not just Microsoft — tells us never to rush to be one of the first to implement new software. Not unless you like risk and bumpy rides.

Just imagine the new Vista release standing tall in the blazing desert sun, with a Clint Eastwood sneer on its face, daring you to “make its day,” and ask yourself how confident (“feel lucky, punk?”) would you feel hitting “continue” at the upgrade prompt back at your office (the OK Corral)? Ok, maybe a little less TV would be wise on my part, but you get the point! 🙂


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