A Compendium of Vista Resources

Here is a useful conglomeration of resources for those who have decided to upgrade now, or just want to get up to speed . . with gratitude to blogger Jody Gilbert and TechRepublic for the first ten in the list. Does this list seem too long? Keep in mind that a Google search for Windows + Vista + information resulted in over 210 MILLION hits. So you’ll have to forgive me if I had trouble narrowing it down. 🙂

10 reasons you should upgrade to Vista (and 10 reasons you shouldn’t)

10 things you should do before installing Windows Vista on a computer

10 things you’ll miss when you upgrade to Vista (and how to get some of them back)

100 things you should know about Windows Vista

How do I… Install Windows Vista in a dual-boot configuration along with Windows XP?

Mini-glossary: Windows Vista terms you should know

10+ tweaks, tricks, and hacks to make Windows Vista fly

Feature guide: What you need to know about Windows Vista

CNET.com Complete Guide to Windows Vista

Windows Vista: Is it secure enough for business?

Using Windows Vista on a Corporate Mobile Network

Ensuring Application Compatibility in Vista

Why Not Vista Right Now?

Will WordPerfect Run Under Vista?

Want to Learn More About Vista?

A Dubious Christmas Gift for Microsoft

Free Upgrade Vista Coupons

Preparing for Windows Vista

Vista May Leave You Exposed

Purchase Your PC With Windows Vista Requirements in Mind

The 2007 Microsoft Office System – Learning Portal

Answers.com blog: Windows Vista assembled resources

The Elder Geek on Windows Vista

National Instruments: Getting Ready for Microsoft Windows Vista

Petri IT Knowledge Base: Windows Vista Information, Tweaking, Tips and Tricks

For those of you familiar with Drexel University, you know that they produce a new class of top-flight geek-heads every year. Here is their current recommendation to students for computer purchase:

computers should meet the following specifications to perform optimally with Windows VISTA:

* Dual Core 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 with 800 MHz data bus speed or higher
* 2 GB of RAM or higher
* 80 GB hard disk or higher
* A DirectX 9 graphics processor with 256 Mb cache video RAM or higher

When running Windows VISTA, it is important to note that the more RAM that is available the better.

Remember that your monitor’s display quality also depends on the quality of your video card. If you purchase a high-quality, large screen, also buy a video card that has high resolution and refresh capabilities. To utilize the high-graphic capabilities in Windows VISTA it is imperative that you purchase a discrete video card that has at least 128 MB of RAM. A discrete video card is recommended because they have their own high speed memory allotted for their use and are usually separate from the motherboard.

Windows VISTA is designed in such a way that the operating system itself can realize a real performance gain from a dual core processor.


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