Vista Problems Abound

I love being right, even though at the same time I feel so sorry for those individuals who are going through the bumpy roller coaster ride of being the first wave of “regular” Vista users. It’s definitely a dirty job, but someone has gotta do it. As long as it’s not any of my clients or readers, that’s something I can live with. That’s why I previously posted Why Not Vista Right Now? along with many other early warning posts advising readers to steer clear for now.

The reports are flowing in. A recent post on ABA’s LawTech listserv states, “I just recently purchased a new Dell computer with Vista. Several of the software programs do not work. For example, I’ve always used WordPerfect & there is no official upgrade for Vista; there’s a patch, but that doesn’t work either. Has anyone been able to figure out how to use WordPerfect with Vista!?” Ouch! Now that’s a lesson we all want to avoid having to learn the hard way, isn’t it?

Read Andrew Cantor’s article in USA entitled Vista Causes an Array of Problems to get further insight into how bumpy a ride it will be for a while.

Andrew Kantor is a technology writer who covers technology for the Roanoke Times. He’s also a former editor for PC Magazine and Internet World. His column appears Fridays on USA With these credentials, he has gone bravely where none of us should be going. He is tweaking settings, dipping into the Windows Registry, (not a feat for the ordinary or weak-of-computing-heart user), and employing third-party applications in an effort to get his daily-use programs to function properly under Vista. Hey, if he can’t get it to work right, what chance do you and I have?

It can be summed it in this brief quote from his article: “With Vista, I think the pressure to upgrade overwhelmed the testing process. Too many things are going wrong. I tend to push an operating system, mostly because I like to customize things and I’m willing to dive into the innards to do that. And sometimes that causes problems if I tweak the wrong thing. But Vista’s problems started almost immediately after I upgraded, before I did any tinkering. What’s more, I saw that others were having all the same troubles.”

Now aren’t you glad you listened? Sit back and relax, and let others go through the continuing pain for you. I’ll let you know when it’s a relatively painless time to upgrade. Trust me, that time isn’t now.


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