Why Use a Fax Service?

Is it time to replace your fax machine with a fax service? It probably doesn’t make sense yet for outbound, since not everything you want to fax is readily available on your PC, and by the time you scan it you could have faxed it. But for inbound? You betcha!

A Fax service makes sense for many reasons:

1) Faxes arrive as email attachments. Therefore, they are accessible and viewable anywhere you can access your email. No more waiting to see what’s waiting on the machine when you return to the office.

2) Faxes arrive in PDF format. They can be saved anywhere on your hard drive, and backed up like any other document. Lost the paper copy? No sweat. Just reprint.

3) It’s easy to share the faxes with anyone else by email. Ever try to fax a fax to someone else? Before the last page transmits they are already calling to say they can’t read it on the other end due to poor quality.

4) It’s easy to OCR the fax so you can edit the content. Try scanning and OCRing a regular fax — the accuracy factor is much lower.

5) You never have to worry that your fax machine will be out of service because it is out of toner, paper, or because the power is off.

6) The annual cost of a fax service is less than the cost of a toner cartridge in the fax machine. (Hint: you don’t need toner to send outbound fax on the same machine.)

7) It’s probably easier to get an 800 number or vanity number for your fax from a service than it is from your local telco. Plus you can easily get a number in any area code you want without paying a premium.

You can find a review of the Top 10 Fax Services for 2007 online here. I admit that mine just missed making the top 3 in the review. But I’ve had no complaints. And it’s been wonderful when I’m on the road.


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