How to Be a Manager Your Employees Will Respect

I was running the Human Resource Management Idea Exchange for the third year in a row at the annual conference of the Association of Legal Administrators. The 120+ participants were comparing notes and exchanging ideas about situations and regulations in their various locations. Some were whining, some were bragging, some took notes, others just absorbed it all. Regardless, all were raptly engaged. It quickly became apparent that different states of the country created their own unique obstacles or opportunities.

At one point I took the opportunity as moderator to offer an observation regarding a new problem situation thrown open for discussion — under such a situation in California, the employer would be duty bound to spend enormous sums and bend over backwards to accommodate the employee or face dire consequences; whereas in Texas, the employer could just take the employee out back and shoot her!! 🙂

Some of those in attendance immediately saw the wisdom in relocation. All found my observation hilarious. Here in Pennsylvania, we probably fall closer to California than Texas in the continuum, even though we like to remind –reassure– ourselves from time to time that we operate in an “employment at will” state.

The simple truth is that finding good people, and holding onto them, is getting more and more difficult. So even if fear of the law or lawsuits don’t dampen our desire to treat our employees callously or with total disregard, our greater fear of turnover and the associated costs, do.

If you are experiencing unusually high turnover, e.g. higher than the average for your geographic area, then perhaps you should ask yourself whether your management skills can be improved. I recently came across a post entitled “How to Be a Manager that Your Employees Respect: 73 Surefire Tips” on the Business Intelligence Lowdown blog. It’s definitely worth a read, and some introspective afterthought.


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