Another Security Challenge

Securing documents must be a top priority in a law firm. The R.P.C. require attorneys to take reasonable measures to protect client property and safeguard client confidentiality. Now there’s a new threat to take into account. It’s the first on-line instant password decryption utility for Word and Excel documents. And it works in under 3 minutes.

As described in Woody’s Office Watch, Decryptum has no software to download. There’s even a capability to peek into any locked (passworded) file for free.

Decryptum is relatively inexpensive for one-time use. With additional use the price per use drops further. For example:
1 Decryptum credit costs $29.00
3 Decryptum credits cost $79.00
5 Decryptum credits cost $119.00

Each credit unlocks one file. Credits must be pre-purchased in order to utilize when needed.

Can you say confidential partner compensation spreadsheet? Not anymore! That is, not unless you deploy document management software at your firm. That’s because every passworded document can be content previewed for free before requiring the use of a decryptum credit. That’s great for the end user who doesn’t want to waste time unlocking documents which aren’t really necessary. Not so great for the person who used the password thinking it would secure the information from prying eyes.

Law firms have been slow to adopt necessary security measures; encryption being a big measure largely ignored to date. Ironic given the attorney’s obligations. But it looks like a simple password will no longer suffice.


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