Yahoo Shortcuts

I’m not often wowed, but this is a real time saver. My congratulations to Yahoo, and my appreciation to Mary Ellen Bates for yet another fabulous internet search tip.

I’ve mentioned Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Services in my blog before. Her blog posts are about the most helpful around for internet sites and search tips which are actually universally helpful and simple to use. Her tip of March 24th (ok, I’m a little behind in my reading, aren’t you?) turned me on to Yahoo’s Personalized Shortcuts — searches that get you answers as well as web sites.

You can find a listing of the available shortcuts and instructions on how to use them here.

If you type “area code San Francisco” the first entry in the search results page will be text, rather than a URL: “The area code for San Francisco, CA is 415, 650 This city also exists in the US states of: CO – NM.”

In addition to these helpful search shortcuts, you can also create your own shortcuts — essentially a macro that executes a command. You can find the instructions on how to do so here.


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