A New Blog on the Blogroll

It’s been a long time since someone has earned a place on the Blogroll. My partner in The Managing Partner Development Institute has a blog, and it’s going to be worth the price of subscription (free)! So I’ve added him to the blogroll.

Ok, so it’s not so different from a law firm experience, where one hears “on the street” that ones partner just won an award, landed a big client, or some other notable piece of news. Don’t you just hate finding out from strangers what you should have found out from your partner first?

In the same vein, I discovered today that my partner in the Managing Partner Development Institute, Dan Siegel Esquire, started a blog. Well, with my Swiss cheese memory I’ll allow that perhaps he told me about it and I forgot. But I doubt it.

In viewing the posts, I can see how all the work of preparing for the inaugural What You Didn’t Learn in Law School Conference (June 1 and 2, 2007 at Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center), has interfered with his writing. I’ve experienced the same problem myself. But when the conference is over and we get back to work, I think you’ll find that his blog will entertain and educate. Dan is both a practicing attorney, and a legal technologist. A lethal combination for sure. On top of that he is a loving husband and father of two great boys. How he finds time to do it all just amazes me. So I am both proud and privileged to have him as my partner in The Managing Partner Development Institute. We’re going to accomplish great things.


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