Living With Integrity

Even though I am a moral and honest individual, I humbly admit I am not made of the same stuff as my friend. That’s because she does the right thing, always, just because it is the right thing to do. She does what is right regardless of who is watching or who will know. She does the right thing regardless of whether or not she can get away with not doing it. She does the right thing regardless of pressure to do otherwise, or the expediency of doing otherwise.

It’s been said that that the greatest challenge in the 21st century workplace is living with integrity. I challenge you to ponder who at your firm has made a conscious effort to set an example of unwavering integrity, and to create a sphere of influence which weaves the desire to do the right thing into the very fabric of the firm.

These and other thoughts along these lines are included in the latest article entitled “Living With Integrity” which has just been posted to the web site of Freedman Consulting, Inc. Read it. And make it mandatory reading for all the attorneys at your firm. Send it to your children, even if grown and out of the house.

Thinking about these things will not make you wealthier. They may not even make you happier. But I promise they will not be an exercise in futility.


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