Mobile Computer Security

By all accounts, a personal computer is lost or stolen every 12 seconds. Most contain confidential or sensitive information. Having to explain to a client or disciplinary authority about lost or exposed client data on a missing laptop would be unpleasant and difficult. With all of the reported instances of this happening, how could anyone seriously maintain that they had no idea that a laptop with confidential information could be lost or stolen? And PCs aren’t the only mobile devices that can contain confidential information.

It follows then that when we talk about mobile security, we are primarily talking about training staff and lawyers to be aware of the risks of losing important information, and about adopting policies to secure confidential information. There is a need for every firm to develop and implement a computer use policy which carefully balances the need for security with the need of users to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently without creating undue administrative burden.

An article entitled “The Lawyer’s Guide to Mobile Computer Security” will examine the various areas to be considered when drafting and implementing a computer use policy. It was recently posted to the web site of Freedman Consulting, Inc. It should be a must-read for managing partners, IT professionals, law firm administrators, and chief information officers.


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