Making Voice Recognition Work for You

For those of you who have not tried Dragon’s Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition software, it has come a long way in recent years. It’s really quite good. But to ensure you are happy with it, be advised that there are a few things which can make it more accurate and therefore a good investment of your scant technology dollars. I recommend to all of my clients that they not bother with voice recognition unless they have:

1) 1 Gb RAM installed for this software (over and above what you have for your office suite and operating system)

2) a high quality sound card with at least 64 – 128 Mb RAM— likely not the one which comes with the computer

3) a good quality USB microphone / recorder — again, not the one which comes bundled with the software. Attorneys give rave reviews to Olympus DS 3000 or DS 2000, and the Sennheiser 431 Profipower microphone . I haven’t kept up on the latest models numbers, so take a look at these two, or their current equivalents, if they have been replaced by newer models.

4) a commitment to spend at least 10 hours training the software what required before the latest release. Now you need just an hour or two.

5) pay a consultant who consistently works with the product to install it for you, and set up some macros to make it easier for you. It’s definitely worth the investment

If you meet these 5 requirements, you will be happy with the software. Really! I have one client who ultimately decided not to seek a replacement secretary thanks to a successful implementation of Dragon. He was highly skeptical. He tried it a few years ago and abandoned it in disgust. But he agreed to follow my instructions, and he is quite happy with the results, and saving a bundle of payroll bucks to boot!


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