Need a Calculator?

Sometimes you need a specialty calculator, and need it now. Not to worry. The World Wide Web offers anything you need.

The ultimate calculator web site is Martindale’s Calculators On-line Center with links to over 23,000 calculators. Whether it’s a calculator for unit conversions (e.g. Fahrenheit to Celsius, pounds to kilograms), board feet, square roots or differential equations, you can locate it here.

Another option is the Google on-line virtual calculator. You just type the formula into Google and it completes the equation for you. You have to learn a few conventions (like using * for multiplication), but for most simple calculations this may be the only virtual calculator you need. It also handles units of measure and conversions, for example, entering “radius of Earth in miles” returns “radius of earth = 3 963.1676 miles.” Try it, it’s easy!


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