Is It Time Yet for Vista?

Yesterday was a repeat of a question I have answered a hundred times already. Is it time to install Vista yet? I last wrote about Vista on March 14, 2007 in a post entitled Vista Problems Abound. I guess you can tell from that title where I stood on the issue at the time.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting two seminars at the Montgomery Bar Solo & Small Firm Practice Institute, which immediately preceded the highly popular Delaware Valley Legal Expo. Of course, the Vista question came up. It always does, especially when my presentation is about technology, and both were. To turn the question around, I asked the audience how many had installed Vista. Two hands were raised by people with frowning faces. I asked each to share with the group their experience to date. Each stated that they had nothing but problems with software conflicts and hardware which simply would not operate under Vista. One stated that the issues are slowly being addressed, but it has been, and continues to be, a painful experience nonetheless.

A series of posts today on ABA‘s popular listserv LawTECH echoed the same comments. People who used a variety of computers, many brand new and amply beefed up, all complaining about performance issues. One fellow outright regrets purchase of the IBM ThinkPad based on performance of Vista. He laments, “Oink . . .I should have bought the MAC.”

I’m not a MAC fan per se, (I’d miss that right-click shortcut menu too much!) but I understand the lure of a machine which is not suffering from extreme software bloat. Everything about Microsoft programs takes memory and then some more memory. Although one technologist posting on ABA LawTECH today gave her opinion that no matter how much memory you buy, it will never cure all the bloatware ills such that performance ever becomes really peppy. We lost that when we said goodbye to DOS, in my humble opinion.

For those of you who need a good laugh to keep you from hitting your computer with a sledge hammer, take a look at this video, which is a parody of a Microsoft commercial. It’s truly inspired.

Bottom line? Hold off on Vista until after the release of the first major service pack. It won’t be perfect by any means, but it will be a lot better. Right now it looks like the service pack will be out some time in the first quarter of 2008. Do whatever you can to avoid Vista right now, unless you have great in-house tech support, or a high pain threshold. One word of caution, though. There is a change in the licensing for businesses which may require you to possibly buy more licenses now in order to save significant dollars in 2008 when you finally move to Vista. Be sure to check this out thoroughly before the end of the year.


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