Remote Access and Rebooting

If you’ve ever tried to access your computer remotely only to find it frozen, powered off, or in a wait state following an automatic software update or power failure, you’re going to like this news. Intel recently announced a new technology called Remote Wake, which will work on PCs that use a recently introduced chipset and add-on software. It will enable users to remotely power up their computers and retrieve files across an Internet connection. As related in this article, it will offer some distinct advantages for remote access users who worry about leaving their computers turned on for remote access.

It’s unclear at this point whether it will be able to fully reboot a computer, or just take it out of sleep mode. Right now it is possible to buy a hardware appliance which will reboot a computer remotely, but the box is about $500, and requires a dedicated telephone line to work. Too pricey a solution for the SOHO who would normally require such a solution. As I find out more about this new chipset, I’ll be sure to add more information to the blog. But my thought is that even if it doesn’t get 100% to the ultimate goal, it’s a big step in the right direction.


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