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I recently presented at the Maryland State Bar Solo & Small Firm Conference. As one attorney exited my session he stopped to compliment me on the seminar, and in departing he said, “Blog More!” Well, my apologies to all of my subscribers. You may notice a sudden rush of posts. When I have time I often create as many as 4 – 6 different posts, and then publish them one by one at later dates. Unfortunately, I have been unable to “get in” to my blog for quite some time, and just today the problem was resolved. I am about to have the blog cut over to a new server, something I was told was done a month or two ago, but apparently didn’t happen. So I published everything in the queue just to make sure nothing got lost in the shuffle. It looks like there may be some clean-up required once I get to the new server. Some items were apparently published without my knowing, and there is now some duplication.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that nothing goes totally smoothly where technology is concerned. I roll with the punches as much as possible.

Case in point: Today I brought a dead laptop back to life by tapping it on the desktop like a bottle of olives with a stuck cap. There had been some bad sounds coming from the hard drive last time I used it, and I figured the controller or drive was going. Sure enough, it has failed to start up dozens of times — unable to read the hard drive. I thought it was worth a chance at bouncing whatever thingamajig was out of whack back into alignment. Not something I recommend to clients, but on a laptop of this many years, I had nothing to lose. Ok, it’s back up and running for now. I just love that 17.5″ HighDef widescreen, and didn’t feel like throwing it away. I may just get another year out of it if I can leave it here where it will not be jostled about any more. If not, it owes me nothing after so many years of dedicated service.

Back on point, I’m back. I hope to post to the blog at least once or twice a week. Stay tuned. And feel free to recommend this blog to your peers. Thanks for the loyalty!


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