Our New President Is Creating Work for Some Attorneys

Labor law has been relatively quiet for many years.  Many lawyers saw the handwriting on the wall as labor unions started to wane in strength and influence.  Many switched over to employment law, seeing it as the next looming area ahead.  And they were not wrong.  No siree.  But with the signing of three new Pro-Labor Executive Orders, Labor Law may be making a rapid comeback as well.

Congratulations to Philadelphia-based Fox Rothschild, LLP  for getting the first Client Alert in my hands regarding the Executive Orders President Obama signed into law on January 30, 2009.  Although they apply to federal contractors, they are sure to generate a fair amount of work, as the practicality and cost of implementation, and the results,  conflict unintentionally with the intent to level the playing field for labor organization and the easier implementation of the intent of the NLRA mandates.  As Fox Rothchild points out in the alert, these new Orders go far beyond the current NLRA requirements.

Are you keeping a close eye on Washington?  I’m not talking about politics here, not really.  What I’m referring to are the chances that you will see some serious change initiatives designed to impact various industries, and all in relatively short order.  Some will make it through intact.  Some will languish and die.  And some will be very different when finally signed than originally conceptualized.  One thing is for sure, all of the change, and even the attempted change, will create opportunity for those of you who are watching, preparing, and able to swim fast enough to catch the new wave of work and surf in on it.  So get your antenna up and look for opportunities.



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