Selecting an Internet Fax Service

As we increasingly seek to to receive our faxes electronically, solo and small firms turn to internet-based fax services.  They’re quick to set up and highly reliable.  It enables one to receive faxes as PDF or TIFF attachments to emails.  Capturing faxes electronically makes it easier to review items remotely, and to access more contents of client files in a paper-independent fashion.

There are a plethora of offerings out there.  How do we differentiate?  On way is to ask your peers what they use.  Another is to locate a comprehensive comparative listing of the various services available.  You can find such a listing at FaxCompare.  They state that they provide an “apples to apples” comparison.  I had to search their summary chart because I did not find my provider included.  Instead I found their name on the sidebar, and by clicking on that found a more comprehensive listing of available services.



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