I’m All A-Twitter

I just returned from American Bar Association’s TechSHOW 2009 where I presented two sessions, and attended a multitude.  The vendor exhibit was amazing this year.  I can’t ever remember so many new products to enable one to convert virtually every otherwise “down” moment into productive, billable time.  I also had the pleasure of meeting with my colleagues from the other state bars in the U.S. and Canada for a full day to compare notes regarding our programs, and how we are each responding to member needs.  But the real “buzz” at TechSHOW centered on Tweets.  People were Twittering themselves silly at TechSHOW.  Imagine the pressure we speakers experienced at being “reviewed” via Twitter posts during our presentation.  No anxiety there!

Upon my return, I find that my network of practice management advisors is all abuzz about one particular colleague who has stealthily  passed each of us by and left us in the proverbial dust.  I’m referring to Jim Calloway, who is practice management advisor for the Oklahoma Bar Association.  Jim and OBA have launched Twitter accounts for members. 

If you’re not even sure what Twitter and Tweets are all about, I refer you to Jim’s excellent posting on this subject.  Or you might want to read about it on Twitter’s web site.

PA Attorney Kelly Phillips Erb is one of the early adopters of  Twittering in PA.  She recently referred PA Solo attorneys to LexTweet, which is a compilation of lawyers who are twittering.

I don’t know yet whether Twitter will be around to stay, but I suspect it will.  As for me, I have enough trouble keeping up with my blog for now, so you won’t be following me on Twitter for some time.  But I promise if I take that leap, you’ll be among the first to know.



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