Free Case Research on Google Scholar

On November 17th, Google announced its latest offering —  Google Scholar — a place where one can find and read full text legal opinions from U.S. federal and state district, appellate and supreme courts; all for free.  Google envisions that this will “empower the average citizen by helping everyone learn more about the laws that govern us all.”  But it is also a handy tool for attorneys. 


Harrisburg, PA attorney Jan Matthew Tamanini astutely says “It’s no substitute for paid services, but its utility in two areas is great: checking cases cited in opinions or briefs of opposing counsel, and looking into other states’ caselaw as analogies to areas that don’t have much PA law.”


Google Scholar offers more than 80 years of US federal caselaw (including tax and bankruptcy courts) and over 50 years of state caselaw.  Check it out.




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