Windows 7 – A First Look

I’m flattered that so many people have taken the time to call and write to ask me whether it’s “time” to install Windows 7.  As you know, I warned my readers to steer clear of Vista from its release date until only very recently, and then advised you might be better off just waiting for Windows 7.  And so many of you have been doing just that — clinging to Windows XP for much longer than would traditionally be done with an operating system once a new version was released.


It’s still a little early to predict, but by the accounts I’m reading from my own trusted go-to sources, (and to be honest I am just starting to drill down into all my reading on this topic), it’s looking like we will not have to hold out much longer before migrating to Windows 7.


A recent poll conducted by TechRepublic on “How bad (or good) was your Windows 7 install?” has produced these results from 980 respondents:


  • (65%) — pleasant and uneventful and I am so happy I did it.
  • (16%) — a little quirky in spots, but completed successfully in the end.
  • (7%) — successful, but it sure did take a long time and had me worried.
  • (4%) — a traumatic experience that raised my blood pressure but I was eventually able to complete it successfully.
  • (3%) — a mess. And it still is a mess. I don’t know if I will ever get this thing installed.
  • (3%) — a total waste of time and never finished successfully. I am now using a different operating system.

OK, if you’re doing the math, you can see a successful install rate of 88%.   


Although I don’t have numbers recorded from when Vista came out, I can tell you that this is a much higher upgrade and installation success rate.  No doubt about it.  So far so good.  Of course, we have much to explore about compatibility with legacy applications, hardware and so forth.  Keep tuned as I dig further for information, and share it in upcoming posts.




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