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Boy I’m sure glad I bought Apple stock before release of the iPad and iPhone 4!  The stainless-steel-and-glass body in the iPhone 4 is just the start . . . there’s the super-high-resolution screen, a 5-megapixel camera, HD video capture, and much more.

For those of you who have interest in the iPhone 4 and haven’t made a move, has provided some additional resources for your researching pleasure.  First is Apple’s iPhone 4: What Buyers Need to KnowIt covers pricing and upgrade options.  Next is a well-produced Video: Hands On with Apple iPhone 4.  It takes just a few minutes to get the feeling of what it would be like to hold the slick product in your own hand.  Next, technical writer / reviewer Lance Ulanoff provides a more balanced viewpoint at Ulanoff: Apple iPhone 4 Razzles and Dazzles.   Finally, we have the article Apple’s iPhone 4 Attracting Big-Name Apps which was somewhat disappointing.  If you’re a gamer you’ll feel differently.  I was hoping by big-name apps they’d be talking about things useful from a business perspective.  Somehow, Guitar Hero doesn’t meet that standard from my perspective . . . oh well!

What holds most people back from thinking about switching to the iPhone is the switch from (for most of you) Verizon to AT&T.  I have to say that I switched from Sprint after many reliable years of service, to AT&T because they had the Blackberry smartphone I wanted.  (The Bold 9000)  AT&T isn’t horrible.  It’s not going to win any awards from my perspective, but it’s not horrible.  Reception has been reliable, although the portable WiFi card doesn’t work as reliably as my old Sprint one did.  but aside from that, no better or worse.  My husband is on Verizon, and there have been a few occasions when his phone found a connection, and mine did not.  He will be gratified to hear me admit it publicly.  Still, the less-than-a-handful of times when he had a connection and I didn’t is just not enough of a difference to keep me from getting the model smartphone I want.

What one still needs to consider seriously are the security issues.  The iPhone still  doesn’t have all the security most IT managers want for devices which link up to networks housing confidential client and firm information.  However, as the customer base continues to include greater number of business users, I have no doubt that software applications will follow.  The question is how long that will take.


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