Social Media — Do You Get It?

Slowly but surely, the light bulb is coming on for some attorneys.  But still, most just don’t “get” what this stuff is all about.  Do you care what Ellen Degeneris had for breakfast?  Probably not.  But this new communication protocol can enable you to establish relationships with people you would never get to know otherwise.  And let’s face it, whether you’re looking to find a job or develop referral sources or become acquainted with new prospects, you’ll be smart to take advantage of whatever methodologies exist to get you closer to reaching your goals.

I came across a short but very insightful article entitled “Moving from Social Networking to Handshakes” which was written by Tom Ksobiech, the Assistant Dean for Career Services at the University of Alabama School of  Law.  I encourage you to read it.  Especially if you are one of those people who doesn’t yet quite get how one translates typing on the computer, netbook or smartphone to building real relationships.  Then take another look at LinkedIn and FaceBook.   The former, especially, can be a great resource for strategic intelligence in terms of identifying, targeting and pursuing  prospective clients.


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