A New Blog — You’ll Want to Subscribe to This One

Most of you are familiar with the excellent CLE courses which have been prepared by Jennifer Ellis at the PA Bar Institute, even if you don’t know Jennifer personally.  It’s a shame that most of the time she is in the background instead of on the podium, as her skill in bringing seminar ideas to fruition are clearly eclipsed by her vast knowledge and considerable presentation skills.  I have had the pleasure of sharing the podium with her on many an occasion, and it has always been a great experience for this speaker as well as those attending.

Jennifer just informed me that she has started a new blog.  The blog is titled, simply, Jennifer Ellis.  In this blog she will share her thoughts on technology, law, and law practice management.  Her most recent post, entitled “I am Begging You — Don’t Look Like an Idiot on the Web” is a must read. 

I, for one, will look forward to reading her future posts.  Congratulations, Jennifer.  And thanks for providing another excellent resource to the online community.


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