Social Media and Job Interviews

Just in case you haven’t yet pondered the connection between social media and job interviews, (meaning you didn’t read my blog post of 1-4-2011) here is another great blog post on the topic.   The post is entitled “Behind the Resume” and is written under the pen name of Otto Sorts – A Curmudgeon’s Perspective.   His blogs are regularly picked up by Attorney-At-Work‘s Daily Dispatch.   You can read more of Otto’s rants at his own blog site, humorously titled “Hey You Kids Get Off My Site!”

The point in bringing this up again is that if you’re a law firm interviewing candidates for any job, you should be doing an online search of social media to find out more about them.    Admittedly Otto’s final take on how you should handle the information may be different than yours or that of your firm.  But the bottom line is you want to gather as much strategic information about job candidates as you can.

For those of you about to interview for a job, or dust off and update your resume, don’t forget to look yourself up online to see what’s there.  Still showing those wild spring break photos?  Be prepared to discuss anything about you or your life which is found online with a prospective employer.  If you haven’t put anything out there yet, I strongly advise you use real restraint.  As you will find out the hard way, it’s very easy to add stuff, and almost impossible to remove it.


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