Process Credit Card Payments from Clients on Your Smart Phone or iPad

My colleague at the Law Society of British Columbia, David Bilinsky, has a much better title on his Thoughtful Legal Management blog post about a new phone app: “It’s Cool to Be Square“.  In it he describes a new application called Square.  He describes Square as “a revolutionary service and device that turns a smart phone or iPad into a credit card point-of-sale terminal.” (It works on Android OS in addition to the Apple iOS.)  David encourages us to imagine the possibilities of being able to take credit card payments – anywhere, anytime – such as at the courthouse, at the client’s home, or at the client’s office.   

“Launched by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, this little device stands to change how lawyers get paid.”  I couldn’t agree more, David.  In fact, after reading David’s post, I followed the provided link to Square’s security policy.  I was delighted to find they are fully PCI Compliant.  Some of you may recall my post this past July entitled “PCI Compliance for Firms Which Accept Credit Card Payments” which detailed the requirements created by recent federal legislation regarding credit card companies.  The new standards apply to anyone who accepts credit cards, including lawyers and law firms. 

The fees for processing payments through Square are incredibly reasonable.  The app is free.  Check it out for yourself.  Unfortunately for David and most of his subscribers, the service is not yet available in Canada, which makes me even more grateful that he shared the information on his blog.


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