Improving Computing Security with Stronger Passwords

By all accounts, a PC is lost or stolen every 12 seconds.  Most contain confidential or sensitive information.  But PCs aren’t the only devices which can contain confidential information.  Virtually all mobile devices and removable media can expose the typical law firm to embarrassment and even serious ethical breaches if they fall into the wrong hands.  Flash drives, also known as thumb drives, present big exposures.  And alas, all these web sites on which we’ve registered with a logon and password present yet another opportunity for someone to crack our password and use to access /crack into even further information.

For a helpful overview of the issues, be sure to read “The Lawyer’s Guide to Mobile Computer Security.”  Then, take a moment to review Jennifer Ellis‘ recent post entitled “Don’t be victimized on the Web, change your locks and keep different keys on your keychain” which just appeared on her self-titled blog.


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