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Common Causes of Conflict in Law Firms

Creating a Culture of Respect

Getting More Business From Existing Clients — Five Strategies That Really Work

Managing the Mountain of Paper:  Records Management In The Law Firm

Don’t Wait To Save Your Practice

Failed Promises, Failed Plans

Social Media Policies:  The Impact On Your Practice

When Family Work Together

Linkedin Demystified

Opportunity for Experienced Litigation Attorney in Lycoming County

Associate Attorney Opportunity – York, PA

Expect the Best But Plan For the Worst

Dog Shaming

Upcoming Ellen Freedman CLEs Through PA Bar Institute

Will Your Firm be Fired or Hired by Corporate Counsel?

Why Branch Offices Fail

When Your Needs Exceed Your Budget

How Are You Going To Pay Me?

First Place Prize for Easter Card to Clients

Upcoming Seminars by Ellen Freedman

Data Breach Prevention [Part 2]

Data Breach Prevention

Associate Attorney Job Opening in Fleetwood, PA

Paralegal Job Opening in Fleetwood, PA

Legal Administrator Job Opening

Are Your Practice Management Procedures Up to Snuff?

Associate Attorney Job Opening

Free Marketing Seminar

Farewell to Ward Bower

Holiday Cards and Events

How Much Is Your Engagement Letter Worth?

Attorney Position Opening

Office Manager – Part Time

Is Your Apple Device Safe From Malware Infection?

Malvern PA office space available

Differentiation Always Counts

Job Opening / Opportunity: Bookkeeper for Philadelphia Law Firm

Job Opening – Commercial Litigation Associate

Upgrade to Windows 10?

Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Job Opening — Law Firm Administrator

Job Opening for Public Interest Attorney

Upcoming Seminar Presentations by Ellen Freedman

Job Opening / Opportunity for Bilingual Associate Attorney

Job Opening / Opportunity for Experienced Estate Paralegal in Wilmington, DE

Job Opening / Opportunity for Mid-level Associate

Job Opening / Opportunity – Legal Assistant in Wyomissing, PA

Estate Paralegal Job Opportunity / Opening in West Chester, PA

Associate Attorney job opening / opportunity

Job Opening / Opportunity – Associate Attorney

Job Opening / Opportunity – Associate Attorney

Job Opportunity — Office Manager / Paralegal / Assistant

Job Opening / Opportunity — Paralegal

Why You Need a Real Lawyer – 4

How Quickly Do You Follow Up on Prospect Calls?

Job Opening – Associate Attorney

Why You Need a Real Lawyer -3

Why You Need a Real Lawyer -2

Why You Need a Real Lawyer

Ransomware (malware) on Cell Phones

Job opening – Law Firm Staff Accountant

Job Opening: Law Firm Billing Coordinator

Job Opportunity – Attorney

Do You Dream of Becoming In-House Counsel?

Ebola Guidance

Why Family-Owned Businesses Fail

H H Gregg Needs to Learn About Customer Service

In What World is a Trip to the ER Romantic?

Attorney Seeking Job Opportunity

Job Opening – Senior Associate in Estate Admin & Probate

Job Opening – Executive Director

The Latest Fraudulent Bank Check Scam

Records Management for Personal Stuff

Can You Deduct Business Expenses Combined With Vacation Activity?

Job Opening – Senior Associate in Estate Administration & Probate

Economic Recovery Eludes Legal Industry

Windows Security Patches Released

Computer Security Issues – Windows XP, Adobe
Flash, Internet Explorer

Tax on Legal Services in PA

Security Issues on iPhone 5s

A Guide for the Surviving Spouse

How One Keystroke Can Undo Your Deal – Confidentiality:

Disaster Prevention, Planning and Recovery — Free Seminar

Coaching for PA Lawyers to Improve Marketing and Other Skills

Twitter Username Worth $50k?

When Fee Exceeds Value

Custom Apps Created by Law Firms — Brilliant Marketing

Document Assembly – Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Simple Timeline Software

A Law Firm with a Sense of Humor

Keep Track of Your “Stuff”

Upcoming MCLE seminars

Caring for Elderly Parents

Why You Need to Connect with Your Colleagues

Does Communication Overload Impact Civility in the Profession?

Big Time Competition Just Arrived

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Another June Seminar Presentation Scheduled

Upcoming Seminar Presentations

Children Responsible for Parental Debt

ABA TechShow — Ready and Waiting

New HIPAA Regulations Require Action

BlackBerry Z10

Law Firm Layoffs Continue — Quietly — to the Detriment of Service Partners

Technology Inches Into the Sixth Circuit

Computer Security Alert:  Protect Your PC from a Computer Data Dump

Is Telecommuting a Bad Idea?

Goodbye Mr. Lucky Boy – Dealing with Inevitable Loss

Is It Time to Change Jobs?

Beware:  Microsoft Office 2013 Has NON-Transferrable License

Use of Criminal Records in Hiring Decisions

Something to Brag About — LinkedIn

Teaching an 89 y.o. about Social Media

Upcoming Seminar Presentations in Chester County

Review of Changes in the Latest Apple iOS

IBM – Not Just About Computers

Another Cyberattack on a Major U.S. Bank

Hiring for One Set of Criteria and Firing for Another

Cyberattacks on U.S. Banks — Are You Safe?

Newsletters Are Only Valuable When They Deliver Timely Information That’s Useful

Proud to Participate 20 Years Later

Dealing with Loss of a Loved One

A Nice “Soft Touch” for Clients and Prospects

Unlimited FDIC Insurance on IOLTA Accounts Due to Expire

Video for the Holidays

Most Popular Tweet of 2012

Gaze Into the Crystal Ball at 2013

PA Lawyers Who Made the 6th Annual ABA Journal Blawg 100 List

Deadbeat Clients: Exact Your Revenge for Bad Debt!

VoIP – Call Quality is Key

Supply and Demand

Should You Upgrade to Windows 8 OS Software?

Law Firms on the Edge

Law Firms and Disaster Recovery

More on Social Media and Privacy Legislation

Keep Your Nose Out of Employee Posts

Fan Mail: How to Get It

Does Investment in Social Media Pay Off?  You Betcha!

Is It a Bird?  A Train?  Lawyers Who Leap Buildings in a Single Bound

What’s Your Fraud Vulnerability Score?

Beware Email Messages from Facebook Friends

Hundreds of Free Security Software Packages

We Won a New VoIP Telephone System!!

Would You Recommend This Blog?

ABA Provides Resource Center for Solo & Small Firm Lawyers

New NLRB Decision Makes Confidential Employer Investigations More Difficult

Say It Ain’t So: The End of iGoogle

When Love Is No Longer In the Air

Are You Ready for Windows 8?

Why Your Firm Needs a Written Partnership / Shareholder Agreement

Why PA Needs CLE Credit for Practice Management Education

Are Your Apple Apps Crashing?

How Safe Is Your Laptop or Other Portable Device Housing Confidential Client Data?

Free Browser-Based Speech to Text Software

Checklist to Make Sure Your Firm Isn’t Dewey

Google Knowledge Graph

What’s New in the New iPad?

Heading to Lebanon County, PA

Accessories for Your iPad

Who Owns the Social Media Account?

Hiring?  Hire a Qualified Veteran and Get a Tax Break

Packing My Bags and Moving to Union County, PA

Lawyers are Seeing ROI for Time Invested in Social Media

Are Aging Lawyers Ready for What’s Next?

Win a Cloud-Based High-Tech Telephony Makeover

Do You Like Free Stuff?

Smoking Hot News from Mobile World Congress

It’s Sweepstakes Time!

Google Privacy Countdown

Ghostwritten Blog Posts — Ethical or Unethical?

Are You Having a Problem With Your Microsoft Outlook Rules?

Wash Hands Before Using Phone

Does Coaching Really Help?

Kudos to Best Buy for Making E-Waste Disposal Easy

Bad Online Reviews About Lawyers or Law Firms

Big Government Takes Giant Step to Help the Little People

Thrilled to Be Returning to Speak to Drexel’s Law Students

Do As I Say — Not Necessarily As I Do!

Target and Pursue Using LinkedIn

Sour Grapes From Microsoft?

A Brief Period to Reclassify Independent Contractors Almost Penalty Free

To Post Or Not to Post?

Disaster Legal Aid Help for Civilians

Is Your Law Degree Worth the Paper It’s Printed On?

Fraud on Lawyers – A Small Measure of Satisfaction

Creating Your Elevator Speech

Outline Numbering in Word

It’s a Dangerous Computing World

Apple Security Hole Uncovered

Are Your Computers Fated to Be Hacked?

Apple iPhone5 — New or REALLY New?

Are You An Avvo Fan?

Terror Lurking in the Cloud??

The Buzz at ABA TechSHOW

Trojan Infects 260,000 Android Devices

The Run For The Door

A Proactive Marketing Strategy

Cloud Computing

A Musical Interlude

If Your Employment Is Terminated

From 1G to 4G, and In Between:  Confused by the Hype?

Solve Backward Compatibility Issues in MS Office

Should You Upgrade from Office 2003?

Should You Switch to Windows 7?

Beware the Kama Sutra PowerPoint Presentation

Improve Computing Security with Stronger Passwords

7 Free Apps to Turn Your iPad Into a Useful Writing Tool

Process Credit Card Payments on Your Smart Phone or iPad

Social Media and Job Interviews

Tools for Longer Tweets

A New Blog — You’ll Want to Subscribe to This One

More on Bad Check Frauds

Lawyers Have No Sympathy For Scammed Peers

Does Your Social Media Policy Violate the NLRA?

WestlawNext — Has Electronic Research Taken a Giant Leap Forward?

Social Media — Do You Get It?

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.  True?

Disposable Email Addresses

When Attorneys Depart — Another Potential Gap in Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Internet Scams on Lawyers

Context-aware Computing

Free 50-page Guide to Windows 7

Your Confidential Data and U.S. Border Crossings

S.C. Firm Loses 390K in Bogus Check Scam

Free Cleaning Service for Women Undergoing Chemo

PCI Compliance for Firms Which Accept Credit Card Payments

More on the Apple iPhone 4

Ready to Buy the iPhone 4 ?

Who Uses iPad?  Has AT&T’s Security Breach Left Them Vulnerable?

Another Attorney Trust Account Hit By Online Fraud

More on Lawyers as Fraud Victims . . . With a Twist

Only 16 Days Before the HITECH Act Goes Into Effect

The Scary World of Penalties and Enforcement Under the New HIPAA-HITECH Law

New Duties to Protect Health Care Privacy Take Effect Feburary 17, 2010

Windows 7

FMLA Subject to Major Changes

Holiday Shopping Guide

Windows 7 — A First Look

Did Michigan Attorney Watch One Too Many Episodes of LA Law?

More Information on Google Scholar

A Dangerous New Worm Affecting Apple iPod and iTouch

Free Case Research on Google Scholar

Independent Contractors

Peace of Mind from Blackberry

Judge Rules FTC Cannot Make Lawyers Comply With Identity Theft Laws

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

Planning Your 2010 Budget for Postage

Online Banking and the Next Generation of Trojans

Clinging to Windows XP

Malicious Web Sites Increasing Your Security Risk Exposure

Another Huge Security Breach

Make the News:  Help a Reporter Out

Ulanoff Prediction:  Death of the Free Web

Vista Will Be Abandoned By Microsoft

PA Has Fourth Possible Case of Swine Flu

A New Employment Law Blog

For Young Lawyers and Attorneys Opening Their First Law Office

Laptops for College Students

Going Paperless – One Firm’s Story

Increase Your Mastery of Word

I’m All A-Twitter!

New COBRA Rules in Effect

Internet Explorer 8 Just Released Today

Older Workers Delaying Retirement

Autonomy Corp Acquires Interwoven

Selecting an Internet Fax Service

Copy and Paste from One Computer to Another

When Your Tech Makes You So Mad You Need to Smile

Time to Buy Vista?

New Laser Printers and Multi-functions Coming from Brother

Our New President Is Creating Work for Some Attorneys

The Virtual Office and Remote Access Technology

Identity Theft Prevention Program Required Under Red Flags Rules

Spam On Your Cell Phone?

Thin Client Technology, IBM, and a World Without Microsoft

FDIC Announces Inclusion of IOLTA in Unlimited Deposit Insurance

Timekeeping On Your iPhone

Looking to Finally Go Paperless?

FDIC Announces Inclusion of IOLTA in Unlimited Deposit Insurance

What Happens to Your IOLTA Account If Your Bank Fails?

A Quick Return to Sweet, Sweet Revenge

About Blogging More

Revenge Is Now a Lot Less Sweet

Remote Access and Rebooting

Don’t Drive and Cell in CA

A New Listing on the BlogRoll

Problems With the New iPhone

Finally – Smoke Free Workplaces in PA

Do You Know the Difference Between AVAILABLE and CLEARED Funds?

GC Describes Characteristics of a Great Rainmaker

IRS Increases Mileage Rate

First Blogging, Now Twittering

Surf the Web While Flying

Email: Plain Text or HTML?

Will Corporate Clients Force You to Go Paperless?

Trojan Infection Found in Cell Phones

Yikes — A Major Microsoft Goof with Service Pack 3

Should You Discount Your Fees?

A Good Reason to Buy a New Cell Phone

Microsoft’s Bid for Yahoo

Changes to I-9 Form

Are You Ready for a $2,500 Car?

Are You Amused by the Annual Stella Awards?

Small Business Computer Security

Flying Through Airport Security

Client Business Development — A New Marketplace

Confidentiality In the Reception Area

How To Avoid Dangerous Web Sites

Travel With Luggage is Getting Harder

Welcome to Black Friday!

Lessons for Managing Partners

Entertainment Hotspots Often Host Viruses

Is It Time Yet for Vista?

Miniaturized Projectors

Need a Calculator?

Our Love / Hate Relationship with Email

Time to Renew Your DO NOT CALL Registration

How Much Hard Drive Storage Do You Need?

Learning How: Breaking the Ice

The iPhone Is All the Rage — But Is It a Good Tool for Attorneys?

Asking For Referrals

Capturing More Time and Billing It Too

Why Solo Practices Fail

Making Voice Recognition Work for You

Reinforcing Basic Marketing Concepts

Mobile Computer Security

Living With Integrity

New Ethics Opinion on File Management Issued by PBA

Does General Counsel Trust You?

Home Office Lawyers Face Discrimination

A New Blog on the Blogroll

Web Surfers Beware: Legitimate Web Sites Can Be Dangerous

Protecting Online Communities and Listservs from Trolls

Those Kids Want It All Right Now

Mac Attack — We’re Not Talking Hamburger


Vonage Gets a Brief Reprieve

When a Small Tech Adjustment Turns Into a Big Tech Headache

Are You Being Scammed By Your Client?


More on the New Postal Shape-Based Pricing

Your Identity Is Getting Harder to Keep to Yourself

Superior Customer Service

Yahoo Shortcuts

Much Ado About DOCS

Are You Ready for the New Postal Regulations and a Whopping Increase in Costs?

Another Security Challenge

Hold the Phone . . . Is Vonage Saved?

Less Than Electrifying News

Increase Profit by 90%

Is Vonage VoIP Headed for Dead Air?

How to Be a Manager Your Employees Will Respect

Why Use a Fax Service?

Free Software — Helpful Stuff at the Right Price!

Vista Problems Abound

Proposed Changes to R.P.C.

Free Microsoft Add-In for Office 2007

X Marks the DOC

Verify Your Email Addresses

Email After Death

Help for Email Addicts

Identity Theft Begins with Access to Your Information

Adobe Acrobat Legal Resource Guide

A Compendium of Vista Resources

Why Not Vista Right Now?

Where Do Managing Partners Go to Learn How to Manage?

HR Policies for Employee Bloggers

The Internet Comes Under Serious Attack

How to Give Employees What They Want

Super Bowl Fans May Get Nasty Surprise

Changes to Daylight Savings Time

Legal Writing Skills

Are You Ready for the Pandemic?

Proper Destruction of Client Files

Should You Represent “Unpopular” Clients?

Will WordPerfect Office Run Under Vista?

E-Discovery Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Socially Engineered Virus “Storm Worm” Hits U.S. Harder Than Predicted

Want to Learn More About Windows Vista?

Getting Google and Other Search Engines to Notice Your Web Site

More On Socially Engineered Viruses

Google for Patent Searching

Need to Improve Your Internet Search Skills?

Turn Your Car Into a Wi-Fi Hot Spot

A Dubious Christmas Gift for Microsoft

Another Bite from the Law Firm’s Piece of the Pie

Another Reason I Dislike Instant Messaging (IM)

Are You Protecting Your Firm from Liability for Those Who Drive on the Firm’s Behalf?

Managing Partner Burnout

Security Patching Your Anti-Virus Software

Life Is Too Short

Be the Gatekeeper

Thinking of Lowering Your Rates? Think Again!

How to Set and Raise Your Billing Rates

Holiday E-Cards Have Arrived

Buy Laser Toner Cartridges From Monks, for Goodness Sake!

Jury Duty Scam Can Lead to Identity Theft

My Love / Hate Relationship With My Blackberry

Conflict Checking Systems from A to Z

E-Discovery — The New Federal Rules

New Competition for Lawyers

The A to Z of Security

Sprint WiFi Goes High Speed in Pittsburgh

More on Lawyer Advertising

When Will You Buy Office 2007?

Sprechen Zie Deutsche?

Intel Introduces New Quad-Core Chip

Are Blog Posts Legal Advertising?

Get Control of Your Library

Spyware Adversely Affecting Stock Prices

Great Article on Voice Recognition Software

Free Vista Upgrade Coupons

Preparing for Windows Vista

Safeguarding Confidential Information

Communicate Your Expectations Clearly

Vista May Leave You Exposed

Computer Hacker Turned Hero

Finding and Developing Support Staff

Associate Wins Big Verdict from Former Law Firm Employer

WordPerfect versus Word

Massive Dell Laptop Battery Recall

Strategic or Competitive Intelligence — Can You Outsource This Work?

A Simple Marketing Lesson for Young Lawyers

Have the PA Rules Regarding Lawyer Advertising Changed?

It’s Hurricane Season Once Again

Using Your Windows Logo Key

Thinking About Using Voice Recognition Software?

Diversity Initiatives at Law Firms

How to Kill Staff Morale and Waste Money Too

A Quick Guide to Getting Published

What Does Your Partnership Agreement Say?

A World Without the Internet

Say Goodbye to Windows 98, Windows 2000, and XP sp1

The Tax Man Rings Twice

Backing Up Large Databases & Time Matters Tips

Marketing Information Overload

Dealing With Bereavement

Cheaper Tech Upgrades and Installs

When the Court Sets Your Rate — Solos Beware

Maintaining Good Client Relationships

Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?

New Article on Digital Cameras Available for Review

A New Zero-Day Attack — But Don’t Hit the Panic Button

Ten Dumb Things Computer Users Do

Acquiring Technology Knowledge

Security Trends for Non-Windows Systems

Socially Engineered Viruses

Privacy Notices for Clients — Part 2

Creator of Botnet Caught — Pleads Guilty

Two New Articles Available for Reading

A Really Simple Marketing Lesson

What Value Does IM Provide Your Firm?

Powerful Marketing Using Your PDA

Post Merger Economics

Time Off Scores Big Time With Legal Secretaries

Innovations and Mergers

Six New Articles Posted


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