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Gaze Into the Crystal Ball at 2013

I would love your perspective on what you think are going to be the top issues law firms and individual lawyers will be wrestling with in 2013.  I’m researching for an article which will appear in The Pennsylvania Lawyer.  I would do it from my own perspective alone, but then again, I predicted the Beatles would never catch on, and since then I have been reluctant to trust my instincts alone to predict the future.  🙂

Of course there will be obvious issues: profitability, marketing, increased competition for clients and even jobs.  And then I am hoping some of you will tackle the more subtle issues, such as what seems the decline of civility, reduction in face-to-face communications, and so forth.

I will gladly provide attribution if you indicate I can quote you, and I choose to do so.   So gaze into your crystal ball and predict what you see coming in 2013, and more importantly, share what keeps you up at night regarding 2013 and beyond.

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