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Review of Changes in Latest Apple iOS

One of my favorite blogs is iPhone J.D.  It’s the place to turn to for all things Apple, related to the use of the iPhone and iPad by lawyers.  Their recent blog post, “Apple Releases iOS 6.1” covers every change in the update, with clear screen shots and explanations.  It’s everything you want to know, and more, clearly written.

What’s New in the New iPad?

Interesting that the new iPad, which one would think would be called iPad3, is called, simply, iPad.  Well, a rose by any other name may not boast the same stellar video and 4LTE speed.  Read this article from Law Technology News (reprinted on which gives you a good analysis of what’s new, and why it may be worth your upgrade dollars.

I’m not rushing to relace my iPad2 based on the upgrades.  But I am fully prepared to be jealous of those who do get the new model.

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