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Best Practices For File Closing and Destruction

Many of you are scratching your head and wondering about all the files which have accumulated over years of practice.  Some of you have 50 years of files.  Or a basement, attic, and garage already filled with box after box of files.  What about them?  If you decide to do electronic storage, do you have to go back and purge and scan all those files?  Heck no!!!  READ MORE

A Law Firm with a Sense of Humor

Is it an oxymoron to say law firm and sense of humor in the same sentence?  Apparently not.  Creating a fun atmosphere attracts employees.

Back in the day when I managed firms hands-on, I tried to introduce humor into the workplace whenever possible.  My colleagues at other firms did not approve.  They thought everything about law firm life should be serious, dignified, and . . . yawn . . . never fun.  I never had a problem encouraging some of their top employees to make a leap to the environment I worked so hard to craft.

This week’s edition of ABA Journal Law News Now headlined a story entitled “Fake Summer Associate Hired in Prank by Law Firm”.  Of course, I had to look at the article and accompanying video.  Hilarious!  And a great recruiting tool, too!  You can be sure that associates across the country who are looking for a great work environment where they can have fun and do challenging work as well, will be hankering for a chance to join their team.

Jay Edelson is the founder and managing partner of Edelson LLC, as well as the instigator of this great prank.  KUDOS, Jay.  Your firm’s web site says your firm is different from other firms in most aspects, and clearly that is true.  You’ve figured out that hard work and a fun work environment are not mutually exclusive.  And in fact, when you actually allow and even encourage people to enjoy themselves while working, you will always get greater dedication and a superior work product.  If you can introduce fun into the learning process, it will enhance the process considerably.

There’s much to be learned from this simple prank.  Read Edelson’s blog post from Oct 15, 2009 in ABA’s Legal Rebels, in which he describes his training / mentoring philosophy.  Take it to heart.  He knows whereof he speaks.


Is It Time to Change Jobs?

A terrific, short article on a FindLaw Blog lists “5 Signs You Need to Leave Your Law Firm Job.”  I’ve added five more reasons to change jobs, based on experience:

6.  Banging your head against a wall.  You feel like you’re fighting the same battles repeatedlyEach time, you’ve run into the same wall, and you don’t see any change coming in the foreseeable future.  It’s probably time to throw in the towel.

7.  Kicking the dog.  Your frustration and stress level is so high you take it out on the loving creatures and people in your life.  Attorneys don’t handle stress well as it is.  If yours rises to a consistently intolerable level, move on before your family tells you it’s time to move out.

8.  Rampant paranoia.  You are convinced that hushed conversations are about you, and that you’re the punch line of a joke when you hear people in the office laughing.  Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t really out to get you.

9.  Extreme eating.  There is no happy in-between.  You either have no appetite whatsoever, or can’t get enough Chunky Monkey to reach a level of satisfaction.  When you need safety pins to keep your skirt from falling off, or to help close the waistline gap in your pants, it’s time to make a move for the sake of your health.

10.  Hair bristling on the back of your neck.  When the mere sound of a voice — that of a partner, staff member, colleague, or client — makes the hair on your neck stand up, it’s time to pack it up and leave before you do or say something really stupid.

Care to add more based on your own experience?



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