Apple Security Hole Uncovered

Can you believe it? Just as I was about to head out to buy a brand spanking new iPhone4, the news breaks that a significant security hole has been discovered on iPhone, iPad and iPod device software. Apple is aware of it, and is working on a fix. Do I look deterred?

I’m not a happy camper, certainly. But any time you put your life’s security on a computer chip, there are risks involved. Nothing eliminates all risk. That doesn’t mean you don’t place as many guards at the gate to keep the Huns out as possible — no sense taking needless chances — but you have to accept that it’s a dangerous world for our personal selves, as well as our data. You can’t just hide behind the gate forever.

Occasionally I do meet someone who has chosen to remain behind the gate. I know a few attorneys who refuse to have an internet connection or email. But that’s rare. Nowadays that would be categorized as a phobia.

Truth is, the risk associated with theft of confidential information is still far greater on a computer or laptop than a Smartphone. Tantamount to the difference in risk between flying and driving or riding in a car.

Sadly, that will change some day. We’re already seeing the shifting winds of opportunity blowing for the bad guys. But meanwhile, it’s off to the store I go!


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